Yesterday, AAR’s statewide data sharing consultant, Kevin McQueen, sent out a new survey to all AAR members.  When the results come in, we should know which MLSs people are using, which ones they want to use and how they feel about issues like compensation/cooperation, public-facing websites, etc.  His survey also tests interest in three different models for data sharing: sharing data through RPR, a statewide MLS or simply doing nothing.

I want to make it really clear: the survey is being conducted by Kevin on AAR’s behalf – it’s our survey created with input from local AEs and MLS AEs.  Kevin is taking the point on this project to ensure complete neutrality and anonymity. The survey should already have reached any member with a valid email address on file.  If for some reason you didn’t receive a survey invitation, contact Kevin via email.

Stay tuned… We’ll be releasing results in a few weeks.

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