One bite at a time. As a new working mom, this year is all about small bites for me. This small bite philosophy has given me an unexpected outcome. I’m not only getting more accomplished than I had hoped, I am having better results because of the focus my limited time requires.

Its true that I absolutely love networking and meeting new people but for some, it can be overwhelming. We can be so easily daunted by the sheer numbers at a networking event that we become paralyzed. Its easier to just harbor with the people you already know rather than wade into a sea of unfamiliar faces. But what if all you had to do to succeed at networking was take one bite?

This year at Winter Conference I invite you to take a small bite at networking and taste success. Here is a sampler platter with varying levels of difficulty for you to nibble on at your discretion:

Attend a Networking Event – There are Receptions, 2 Dinners, a tweetup, and networking luncheons
Talk to one person you do not know each day at Winter Conference
Smile at someone you do not know
Finally meet one person that you know of but don’t know personally
Ask a friend to introduce you to one of their favorite friends
Sit next to someone you don’t know for a class
Sit with a group of people you don’t know for a networking meal
Join YPN
Play Regional Bingo and try to meet one person from as many regions as you can
Introduce yourself to an AAR Line Officer

Hungry for more?
Focus on discovering common ground when making a new acquaintance
Connect with your new friends on social media sites
Follow up with personal notes