As American Idol starts to wind down with only 4 contestants left, it is getting much harder to watch. I am an American Idol junkie and a secret shower singer. My husband is astounded at my inability to carry a tune or pick out the beat. He was a drummer and this is close to a cardinal sin to him. Luckily he overlooks it and recognizes my other talents and charms.

The reason I find it hard to watch is because some of these talented singers may lose faith in continuing to pursue their dreams. Some may think the hard part is reaching for your dreams but I think the hard part is letting yourself dream. Mary Tyler Moore once said “having a dream is what keeps you alive”. Isn’t that the truth? A dream causes us to set goals and make plans. It motivates us, keeps us focused, and challenges us. A dream allows us to be bold enough to let go of our fears and insecurities and to believe that we have what it takes to be something, do something, have something.

If we fail to dream, we think we will never fail. Isn’t failing really opportunities? The opportunity to be creative, to look at new possibilities, and to take turns on a road that we may not have thought possible. Just like the incredibly talented contestants on American Idol, many people who had a dream of homeownership may have given up. How many people are afraid now to dream of owning a home? Yes, the economy is not positive. Yes, it is getting tougher to qualify for a loan. Yes, the media seems to focus on the number of consumers losing their homes. But you can change that. Don’t let consumers give up or fail to dream. Through your experience and knowledge as a REALTOR, you can help the dreams stay alive. How? Continue to educate yourself. No, don’t just continue, step it up! Now is the time to challenge yourself. Attend classes that teach you about market conditions, new lending products, new practices, laws, and regulations. But don’t just take what is convenient or free. Don’t cheat yourself or take the easy road.

The American Idol contestants have trusted advisors, and so do you. Your REALTOR associations (national, state and local) are your coaches/advisors. We are here to give you the best and highest quality programs possible. Programs that focus on today’s issues and today’s practices, using experienced instructors who have a proven track record in “educating”. Your REALTOR associations are vigilant watch dogs on the industry, and we have dedicated ourselves to be a partner in your career. We are your biggest champions and want you to succeed! Take your career seriously…spend your money and time wisely…choose your education opportunities carefully and wisely. Choose REALTOR education programs. Keep the dream of homeownership alive! As I end this post I’d like to share a poem that Jim Hogan handed out at our recent Instructor Development Workshop, author unknown…

“I am Real Estate”
I am the basis of all wealth
The heritage of the wise, the thrifty and the prudent
I am the poor man’s joy and comfort
The rich man’s prize
The right hand of capital
The silent partner of many thousands of successful men
I am the solace of the widow
The comfort of old age
The cornerstone of security against misfortune and want
I am handed down to children
Through countless generations
As a thing of greatest worth
I am the choicest fruit of toil
Credit respects me
Yet I am humble
I stand before every man bidding him to know me for what I am and possess me
I grow and increase in value
Through countless days
Though I may seem dormant
My worth increases, never failing, never ceasing
Time is my aid
And population heaps my gain
Fire and the elements I defy
For they cannot destroy me
My possessors learn to believe in me
Invariably they become envied
While all things wither and decay
I survive
The centuries find me younger
Increasing in strength
The thriftless speak ill of me
The charlatans of finance attack me
I am trustworthy
I am sound
Unfailing I triumph
And detractors are disproved
Minerals and oils come from me
I am solid
I am producer of food
The basis for ships and factories
And the foundation of banks
Yet I am so common
That thousands unknowingly and unthinkingly
Pass me by every day
I am your future
I am real estate

Sweet dreams!