This year marks the seventh year that Bill Ashker, owner/broker of Real Living Property for You in Peoria Arizona, and Roger Nelson, CEO of WEMAR, have been hosting the radio show Real Estate from A to Z every Saturday morning from 9 – 10 a.m. on Money Radio AM 1510. It also streams live at

Ashker, who got his real estate license shortly after he and his wife Irene were transferred to Luke Air force Base from Japan, has been a broker since 2004. Nelson has been in REALTOR® association management for nine years, beginning at the Glendale-West Maricopa Board and transferring to WeMAR. Both men bring their a unique perspective to the show, as well as a great sense of humor.  Originally designed to explain what all the real estate acronyms are (between NAR, AAR, ARMLS, ADRE, etc.), the show has evolved over the years expanding into a topical conversation about the current pulse of Arizona’s real estate market.

Bill Roger Rick

From left: Bill Ashker, Roger Nelson and Attorney Rick Mack


AAR sat down with the two to find out how they’re scratching the seven year itch and what’s next for the pair.

AAR: Do either of you have a background in radio? 

Roger: Have you listened to the show?  No.

Bill: I had a little experience when we were stationed in Japan with the Armed Forces Network but like Roger said listen to the show, we still need our day jobs.

AAR: How did the radio show come about? Whose idea was it? 

Bill: One of my agents at the time Bill Zervakos asked me if I wanted to do a radio show and I said sure. And we started; it just that easy.

AAR: Who was your first guest? 

Roger: Me.

Bill: Yes, it was Roger and he was a great guest. Isn’t that funny how that turned out?

AAR: What do you remember about the first show?

Roger: I was scared out of my mind. I kept thinking, What did this Bill Ashker guy get me into?

Bill: I remember knowing what I wanted the show to be, but not having a clue on what we were doing.

AAR: Why is the show called Real Estate from A to Z? Who came up with the name?

Bill: My co- host for the first two years was Bill Zervakos hence the name A (Ashker) to Z (Zervakos).

AAR: What do you think makes a successful show/guest? 

Roger: Bill always states the listeners want to hear the guest talk, not us. So a good guest is one that likes to talk, is an expert in their topic, and has something to say. They also need a sense of humor!

Bill: We have fun and get some good information out to the real estate community. Of course the good info comes from our guests.

AAR: Who has been your favorite guest? 

Roger: All of our guests are my favorite guest!  I am having a bumper sticker or T-shirt made “I was Roger’s favorite guest on Real Estate from A to Z”.

Bill: That was our joke for awhile but seriously Roger is right, all of our guests are great as long as we provide good info. I especially  like having Michelle Lind on for that reason, there are many others such as Judy Lowe, Rick Mack, Mike Orr or Scott Drucker. I have to stop or I will name all of our guests.

AAR: How do you think your differing perspectives (AE and Broker) add to the show?

Roger: I can help ask the right questions and if need be answer them.

Bill:  I think that Roger’s view from the Association and my view from the Broker community help give the show the perspective it needs. I am in the trenches with my agents and understand their problems and needs even though I am a non-competing broker. This allows Roger and I to talk about what is really going on in our real estate community.

AAR: Why do you continue the radio show? 

Roger: It is fun and I believe we provide good information to the real estate community.

Bill:  I agree with Roger, it is fun and when there is no longer a need to provide good info to the real estate community, we will quit.

AAR: How has your relationship with each other changed over the years? 

Roger: During the time that I have been involved with the show Bill has make his way up through the leadership at WeMAR and next year will be its President. So I am looking forward to him being my best boss ever!

Bill: Roger, you better update your resume, only kidding. I have known Roger for many years and my respect for him increases every day. He is great to work with and has the best interest of others in his heart.

AAR: Why should real estate agents listen to the show? 

Roger:  Agents are weekly going to hear some of the leaders in the industry talk about the industry and how they can better take advantage of the services offered to the betterment of their career in real estate in a casual non-threatening environment.

Bill: That was well said, they also will hear how to protect and best serve their clients.

AAR: What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you on the air? 

Roger: We had one guest on the show that, instead of verbalizing their answers, would simply nod. I guess they forgot it was a radio show.  Bill hates dead air, and that day, I think he aged at least a year in that one hour.

Bill: That was also the first thing that came to my mind. We have so much fun with our guests and each other that every week is fun and informative.

AAR: Any plans to stop the show? 

Roger: Bill is a pretty old guy, so as long as his ticker keeps working, so will we.

Bill: Roger, Roger, Roger, even in an interview he picks on me. Again, if there is no need or we are not providing good info, then we will stop.

AAR: What do you hope the show will become in the next seven years? 

Roger: With the retirement of “Car Talk” I hope national public radio picks us up so that we can become the “Click and Clack” of real estate.

Bill: I haven’ thought that far out.


AAR is a proud sponsor of Real Estate A to Z. This weekend, catch guests Sue Flucke, AAR president and President Elect, Evan Fuchs. For more information on Real Estate from A to Z, visit




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