Sign on Sidewalk Although the training and education of REALTORS® primarily focuses on state and federal laws, there exist applicable city ordinances that affect how REALTORS® conduct business.  In Arizona, there are 65 different City Codes and virtually all of them prohibit the placement of signs on public sidewalks.  For example, section 210-01 of the Yuma City Code states:

Except as otherwise provided, it shall be unlawful for any person to obstruct in any manner or by any material whatsoever, any street or sidewalk, curb, gutter, alley or other public place.

Section 3-8(a) of the Phoenix City Code states:

It shall be unlawful for any person without first obtaining a permit from the City to do so, to place or erect or cause to be placed or erected upon the streets, alleys or other property of the City any provisional sign, poster,   placard, banner, shield, flag, sign, bill, card or any other device either decorative, pictorial or bearing advertisement.

While these are just two examples, the ordinances impact REALTORS® that utilize open house signs and directional signs. To avoid any claims of wrongdoing, REALTORS® should therefore take a moment to familiarize themselves with their local ordinances and avoid placing signs in locations that may pose a threat to public safety.