zipForm® Tips

Don’t Reuse Transactions

  • Wrong versions of the Resale Purchase Contract have been used 10,000+ times since April 2015
  • Now when using a template, it will tell you if a form is not current and ask you to refresh it
  • Note: Existing transactions do not update

Don’t Rely on zipForm® to Save Transactions

  • Transactions last 7 years, then are automatically deleted
  • Transactions with closing dates are saved for 5 years past that date
  • Install zipForm® Standard for desktop and let it sync with your Plus account;
    Standard transactions stay on your device indefinitely and allow you to export files

Don’t Forget: Update Your Company Information

  • Many users go weeks before realizing info at the top/bottom of the form isn’t current
  • Changing info is easy in zipForm® Plus and Standard

Don’t Make Things Harder, use zipFormMLS-Connect®

  • MLS-Connect autofills up to 55 data fields per transaction (number varies by MLS)
  • Save time and improve accuracy with MLS-Connect

Questions? Contact Business Services Support at or 866.833.7357

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