Together, Brandon Doyle (second-gen REALTOR®), Nick Dreher (industry speaker-trainer), and Marshall Saunders (hyper-local real estate investment counselor) have more than 45 years of real estate experience.

They recently collaborated on the book Mindset, Methods & Metrics: Winning as a Modern Real Estate Agent.

Although the contents are laid out differently than the title, the content can help empower you to succeed:

  • Mindset shares practices and philosophies to develop a successful business
  • Metrics helps you determine where you are, want to be and how to get there
  • Methods walks you through a number of proven marketing and referral strategies

The authors have graciously allowed us to paraphrase just a few excerpts from each of these sections.


  • The Horizon Mindset
    • Think relationally, not transactionally
    • Commit to the long game of your real estate business, while taking specific, measured steps
  • Backwards Economics
    • Brian Buffini suggested that real estate agents should live their economic lives “backwards” as corporations do…the money you make is saved and applied toward your next fiscal year
    • Instead of living on what you’re bringing in currently, live on the commissions you earned last year


  • Find a Mentor
    • Find someone who has achieved what you want to do, and learn as much as you can from them
    • It’s foolish to waste time and energy reinventing an already very well-refined wheel
  • Sales Funnel
    (F.U. = Follow Up)
    Real Estate Sales Funnel


  • Follow-Up Cycle
    • Track clients you’ve had success in converting to closed sales and compare similarities among them
    • Six steps to a successful conversion:
      1.  First Touch – after initial contact, add the person and any notes to your database
      2.  First Follow-Up – do so sooner rather than later; handwritten notes work well
      3.  Second Follow-Up – try to set up a face-to-face meeting, continue building rapport
      4.  Meeting – Refer back to your initial notes, then confirm and clarify their needs and wants
      5.  Third Follow-Up – THE MOST IMPORTANT; maintain contact with emails and phone calls
      6.  Conversion Meeting – Track your conversion ratio to identify success and failure points
  • Geo-Farming
    • Define a geographic area of households, with a high likelihood of homeownership turnover, and send monthly mailings with the goal of increasing your listings
    • By creating awareness among this community, you should become a real estate agent of choice

This 205 page book is chock-full of solutions that can help you find REAL Solutions to REALTOR® Success.

More about the authors: Brandon Doyle, Nick Dreher and Marshall Saunders.

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