Back in August, Kelley Koehler wrote an article here on the AAR Blog, An Introduction to RPR. Kelley did a great job explaining the basics of RPR, which at the time of the writing was still in a very limited beta release.

Flash forward to yesterday… RPR is now live and available in Arizona.

Or at least most of Arizona.

If your MLS is participating, you can venture over to the RPR site right now and set up your free account. (You will need your NRDS number in order to register for an account.)

Which  MLSs are live on RPR?

RPR Partners

What can you do on RPR?

The best way to see what you can do on RPR is to get an account and explore. The user interface is clean, simple and easy to maneuver. (Read Kelley’s post too.)

Think of RPR as a big giant database that has information on properties – all properties, not just those listed for sale. Tax records, area demographic information, sales trends, school districts, zoning, neighborhood data, economic info, trends and more. Also included are some very nice, very easy to generate reports — property reports, seller reports and market activity reports.

Think CMAs, but beefed up with all sorts of local and market information. RPR is a listing presentation all wrapped up in a shiny bow and only a few mouse clicks away.

So go ahead, create a FREE account, put your picture and brokerage logo in your profile and explore. There is a wealth of information available literally at your fingertips.

What do you think of RPR? How will you use it in your business? Let us know in the comments!

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