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In her Inman News column this week, Bernice Ross provided a handful of tips to make marketing more productive in the coming year. One that happened to catch my eye was the idea of becoming a specialist in a particular niche, an effort made remarkably easy by the Internet.

Nothing enables self-invention like the Internet. Back in early 2008, I stopped by a local title company and listened as underemployed agents talked about the influx of Canadian buyers. Yeah, they mused, maybe we ought to look into that a little. Though I don’t know for sure, I almost can assure you they never did a thing. Call it a reading of the collective vibe.

At the time, I’d already been working the Canadian market for nearly a year. And when I started, what did I know about Canadian buyers?


But I put in the time, learned the particulars of a transaction involving foreign nationals, picked up a little Canadian English here and there, learned to take my shoes off and, most importantly, wrote on my blog about issues of interest to Canadian buyers. Expertise was established before I necessarily had it, and off I went.

As Dr. Frank’n’Furter said, “Don’t Dream It. Be It.” Other agents were busy dreaming about working with Canadian buyers. I already had decided that I would work with Canadian buyers. And so I did.

You have the opportunity, with your online presence, to create the real estate career you want in the niche you prefer. It will not be easy. It likely will not happen quickly. Hard work, education and continuing expansion of your knowledge base are a must.

That change begins with a dream, but that dream has to become reality and quickly. Only then can you succeed.

Don’t Dream It. Be It.

It works. Even without the fishnet stockings.

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