Real Estate Marketing IdeasIn an era where high-tech can be high-priced, we recently reached out to some of our REALTOR® members for their suggestions on low-price, high-impact marketing tools they use to build their own businesses.  Here’s what they had to say:

Holly Mabery, REALTOR®, Associate Broker, Heartland Group at Keller Williams Check Realty:

  1. Auto reply on emails and text messages (I met an agent doing this and she has enjoyed great success with her clients using, special text messages. Specifically, it has helped her create really good work boundaries with her clients who are text friends.)
  2. Using the video feature on your phone to send personal responses to clients when you miss a call or especially those pesky internet leads that come in that you need a prompt response, but you may not be in a place to talk. Shoot a 15 second message that’s personal to that caller.
  3. As far as marketing, when out showing houses or doing “real estate related” stuff & I see something cool I take a picture or incorporate it into a post on social media.  Try to make it fun, relatable or interesting; Not just another photo of a house.
  4. Lose the bluetooth ear bud & put on your name tag.  It’s amazing in the grocery store the questions you will get asked.

Michelle Lohman, REALTOR®, United Brokers Group:

  1. Every listing that I take, I require that the seller have a full ASHI certified home inspection done.  This way all repairs can be done up front (before the home is listed) —- therefore, no requirement to update the SPDS and NO surprises for buyer or seller.  It’s a great way to market the home as well as it adds tremendous value to the buyer.
  2. Do short videos. Don’t be hard on yourself.  Just do it.  Do a couple of videos.  Consider a “let me introduce myself” video or a video walking a seller through the home selling process, etc.
  3. With the “photo age” (i.e.: posting to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) people want to see more pictures and videos, and less text.
  4. If you have a listing in an amazing master planned community that has TONS of amenities, put together a presentation
    that you can email out to every Buyer’s agent that calls to arrange a showing.  Ask the Buyer’s agent to forward it on to their Buyer. Remember, in these types of communities, you are not only selling the house, you are selling a lifestyle.  (i.e. golf, tennis, racquetball, lakes)

Nick Bastian, REALTOR®, The Nick Bastian Team at Realty Executives Phoenix:

  1. Google+ as a communication tool. Video calls, private sharing of photos and videos, etc. Also use Google+ to share content with the public via groups and personal postings.
  2. Photos, photos, photos. Connect with people for free using Instagram, Facebook, blogs, etc.
  3. Low cost: WordPress is a simple tool that can help people see you as an expert in your chosen field.
  4. Every Door Direct Mail is a low cost way to send direct mail to prospective clients.
  5. A good CRM: Market to a database. Your past clients are worth their weight in gold. Contact them, often.

Phil Sexton, marketing/operations, The Sibbach Team at Realty One Group:

  1. Turn to your brokerage for what tools they offer. So many REALTORs® underutilize the tools offered by their brokers. For example, our broker gives 1,000 free black and white copies and we try to use them every month. Does your brokerage offer a website, individualized mobile app, templated postcards?
  2. Online profiles are important. Zillow, Trulia, are the big three. Have a consistent look and story.
  3. Trulia offers a free blog for REALTORS®. When you’re starting out it’s a free (real estate related) venue to post articles that you can link from your social profiles or emails. If you like posting and writing, investing in a more expensive website is always an option.
  4. How are your email signatures? Are they the same from your phone, computer, tablet? Does it say something interesting about your business and link to your website or profiles? People don’t pay enough attention to email signatures enough. Be considerate of mobile users and refrain from using a large image with all your contact info,
  5. Are open houses considered a tool? They should be at the top of the list. People interested in real estate actually walk in the door and talk to you.
  6. is an almost free database that we use to track contacts. It’s not about picking the exact best CRM, just pick one that works and that you’ll use. Building a past client list is the name of the game.

Evan Fuchs, REALTOR®, Broker-owner Bullhead Laughlin Realty:

  1. Track, track, track. What we intuitively assume was a good return doesn’t always match actual data. Once you have the actual return on investment data, you can redirect your low return advertising investment into higher returns. It sounds simple, and it is, but I’m not sure it’s widely practiced. Use a very simple spreadsheet and source all of your leads. At the end of the year, divide the investment in each category by the number of leads and get a “cost per lead.” That’s the launching point for budgeting and negotiating with vendors.
  2. Side note: To Phil’s point about brokerages (#1 above), we have a color laser printer on our network that our agents can use for marketing. They supply the paper, we pick up the ink. I bet there are brokerages out there that offer all kinds of great benefits that go unused.

Tucker Blalock, REALTOR®, Biltmore Lifestyles Real Estate

  1. Ask your clients for online reviews.  Being an early adopter of Yelp, I maintain a minimum of 10 current reviews which my clients post on my behalf. Because of my continued usage, I have been included in Yelp’s Real Estate Top 10

John Wake, REALTOR®, HomeSmart

  1. I suggest reaching out to your title company for their marketing tools.  I recently discovered that my title company now offers free home tour videos.

The key to marketing is in the quality of the tools.  The success of your marketing campaign lies in consistency and follow through. If your marketing is outdated and you’ve been thinking about updating your marketing, then register for an upcoming class.  Re-energize your message utilizing today’s technology with little or no out-of-pocket expense.  What you do today, will impact your business tomorrow. What will you do today?

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