Frequently Asked Questions


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Q: Has NAR acquired the .realestate top-level domain?

Yes.  NAR and our partners, Second Generation, have resolved the contention set and are now the single applicant for the .realestate TLD.  We will be entering into contract negotiations with ICANN shortly to execute the Registry Agreement. Upon completion of the Registry Agreement, we will proceed to delegation of the .realestate TLD.

Q: Who is Second Generation?

Second Generation, Ltd. (Second Gen) is an Embrescia family investment firm headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, NAR’s partner on the .REALTOR TLD, and the owner and registry operator for the top-level domain .jobs, which is sponsored by the Society for Human Resource Management.  As an early adopter, NAR has partnered and worked closely with Second Gen for over eight years, throughout the gTLD application, review and development process to bring the .REALTOR and .realestate solutions to the real estate industry.

Q: Who is ICANN?

ICANN is the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). They were established in 1998 for the purpose of coordinating the Internet’s unique identifiers around the world. They develop policies dedicated to keeping the Internet secure, stable and interoperable.

In early 2011, ICANN approved an expansion of the number of generic TLDs, which included allowing companies and organizations to create domains for their brands. NAR has been following this initiative since ICANN first began considering the introduction of a new round of gTLDs in 2006.

Q: When will .realestate domains be available?

It is unknown at this time when .realestate domains will be available for purchase.  Further details will be provided by 2Q – 2015, and a 2015 launch of .realestate is anticipated.

Q: Who is eligible for .realestate domains and what are the requirements to claim one?

The eligibility and business rules for the .realestate TLD are currently being established.  However, as the “Voice For Real Estate”, NAR is very pleased to be in a position to execute the agreement with ICANN for .realestate on behalf of their members.  NAR intends to use this new TLD in conjunction with .REALTOR to help members be more successful in their real estate business.

Q: How much will .realestate domains cost?

Domain pricing and other details about .realestate are being developed and will be available by 2Q – 2015.

Q: Why did NAR acquire .realestate and how will the .realestate and .REALTOR domains work together?

NAR is the leader in the real estate industry and “the voice for real estate” and anticipates using the .realestate domain in conjunction with the .REALTOR domain to build an online space where home buyers, sellers and investors can find credible and professional real estate resources and services. NAR intends to use the .REALTOR and .realestate domains to create order for all real estate information on the Internet and to provide NAR members with tools that help brand them as the trusted, valued source of real estate information.  While .REALTOR will be used exclusively by NAR members and its affiliated NAR business partners, it is anticipated that .realestate will have wider business applications.

Q: Should I wait until later to claim my .REALTOR domain?

No.  NAR members are encouraged to secure .REALTOR domains in conjunction with their names at launch on October 23, 2014.  500,000 FREE .REALTOR domains will be available to NAR members on a first-come first-served basis at launch.  Members are encouraged to claim as many .REALTOR domains as they wish to creatively brand themselves and to get the domain names they want.

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