Arizona REALTORS® state association is leading an effort to protect all Arizonans from costly service taxes.

A statewide coalition, Citizens for Fair Tax Policy, was created by the association to collect petition signatures to put the Protect Arizona Taxpayers Act on the ballot and fund a campaign in support of its passage.

A minimum of 225,963 signatures were required to get the initiative on the ballot and we collected more than 400,000 petition signatures from Arizona voters to fulfill the requirement. As a result, the initiative is on the November 6th Election Ballot as Proposition 126.

The purpose of Proposition 126 is to protect all Arizonans from costly service taxes. The passage of the proposition will:

  • Prevent taxes on real estate services which would dramatically increase the costs of the home buying process from home inspections to real estate brokerage services
  • Prevent taxes that go beyond real estate and increase the costs of childcare, healthcare, hair salons, car repairs, and numerous other services.

Please join our grassroots effort to enhance the campaign and ensure the proposition’s passage. Vote YES on Prop 126 on your early ballot or at your polling place on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.