I love going to conferences and classes and listening to the wisdom and ideas of movers and shakers! Sometimes it seems I have so many good ideas, I don’t know where to start in implementing them. When I speak or teach classes, I hand out a sheet called “Ah-has to Action” to help people capture the actionable items they could take from the presentation. Here is my advice to make it work instead of making it more overload. I call it Joeann’s Rule of 3:

  • Review your notes or list and pick the top three items that, if implemented, would give you the biggest return on money or time invested.
  • Put a “by when” date on those three and put them into your calendar.
  • Determine if any of the things on the list can be done by someone else (your virtual assistant, techie, husband!).

Once those three are implemented, go back and pick the next three. By prioritizing and reviewing, say weekly, you will be taking small, consistent steps to raise the bar in how you are doing business. It fits well with the KISS (Keep It Simple, Sweetheart!) principle that reduces stress and increases productivity! It is also very wise to choose the items that you are most passionate about since the things we do with enthusiasm have a way of making a positive impact.

For everyone who is at this year’s AAR Winter Conference, you can get an “Ah-ha to Action” sheet from me–or just start your own list to work from of all the good ideas you get here. I am moderating two panels: “Killer Listing Presentations” and “Road Warrior: Run Your Business as a Mobile Office.” The panelists are going to share LOTS of GREAT ideas! We’re looking forward to giving you the information you need for success. Then, it is up to YOU!

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