Check Boxes in eSign

by Rebecca Perks on September 19, 2016

Our eSign Support Team gets questions from REALTORS® wondering why, when they add one or more Check Boxes to an eSign document, it comes back without them.

When you manually add a Check Box signing location to your document in eSign, it will automatically default to Optional. Your signer will be able to complete the signing session without checking on these boxes. You can prevent this from happening by changing the status of the Check Box to Required.

There is no way to make this change globally; you must change every Check Box individually.

To change the status to Required, hover over each individual Check Box on your document until a red “x” and gear symbol appear. Clicking on the gear opens the Options box in the top right of your screen.

Check boxes in eSign

As shown, the status defaults to Optional. Simply click the button to the left of Required, then Save and Close.

Signature lines auto-populated by Designate Signers may already have Check Boxes set to Required.

If you need additional assistance, please contact

Rebecca PerksRebecca Perks is a Business Application Specialist
for the Arizona Association of REALTORS®

Is Your Cell Phone Ready to Receive Agent Safety Alerts?

by Arizona REALTORS® on September 15, 2016

If you’re unfamiliar with our Agent Safety Alert Program (ASAP), take a moment to review the bullets below (more FAQs here), then make sure your cell phone is up-to-date in your profile by contacting your local association or by logging into NAR.

What is ASAP?

  • ASAP is a text-based alert program notifying Arizona REALTORS® of safety threats or missing persons
  • You will only receive a text alert, if you are located in the geographic area where an incident occurred
  • Arizona REALTORS® are automatically signed up to receive ASAP alerts, but may opt-out by replying to an alert with: OPT-OUT, REMOVE, STOP or UNSUBSCRIBE; or by simply texting: STOP to 313131
  • Incidents may be reported by active REALTORS® via the internet, but all safety issues should be reported to local law enforcement authorities first
  • If an incident does not meet the criteria for an alert, it may still be posted on

To see a demonstration of how the ASAP system works, watch this video.

2016 REALTOR® Caucus

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Former Arizona REALTOR® Missing Since June 2015

September 12, 2016

It has been 14 months since the disappearance of former REALTOR®

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Arizona Residential Real Estate Market Report – August 2016

September 12, 2016

This is a snapshot of four different regions of the Arizona real estate market for August 2016. For more about how these segments are divided, please see the note at the end of this article. Quick Takeaways – Real Estate Across Arizona Sales rebounded from July; large numbers of sales are in the pipeline, so […]

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Anticipatory Contract Writing

September 9, 2016

There are 30 blank lines at the beginning of Section 8, Lines 311-340, Additional Terms and Conditions in the AAR Residential Resale Real Estate Purchase Contract (Contract). The purpose of these lines is for the buyer, before presenting an offer to the seller, to put in language that changes, adds to, or subtracts provisions in […]

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