For a few months now, I have been speaking with REALTORS® about providing electronic signatures as a member benefit.  If enough members believe that this service would be valuable to them and their clients, we could explore, negotiate with a vendor and then provide this as a service to you.  This service could be provided in much the same way the Arizona Association of REALTORS® (AAR) provides forms through zipLogix to REALTORS® statewide. 

DocuSign E-Signature Example

Photo Courtesy of DocuSign

Members working on short sale and foreclosure deals have expressed frustration that banks often do not accept e-signatures for these transactions. However, I ask that you consider the potential benefit of this service for “traditional” transactions today and going forward.  

There are several electronic signature vendors that I have contacted.  The one that most REALTORS® mention is DocuSign.  There are many electronic signature companies, such as EchoSign, eOriginal, Authentisign and AlphaTrust to name a few, that the association could partner with in providing this member service.  Here is a link to the DocuSign webpage for REALTORS®.  By providing this link, AAR is not endorsing this vendor’s services, but the webpage will give you an idea of what this type of service could provide. 

So my question to you is simply this…do you think that this would be a valuable service for AAR to provide to its members?  Would you e-sig?

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