NAR Debunks Email’s Inaccurate Claims about Energy Bill

by Sage Dillon on April 14, 2010

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Below is an update from the National Association of REALTORS® about HR 2454 (“American Clean Energy & Security Act” also referred to as the “cap and trade” bill). The bad news: Some emails are circulating inaccurate information about the bill. The good news: REALTORS®, including members from Arizona, lobbied Congress, explained that it would be prohibitively expensive to retrofit older homes/buildings and got the provisions for energy retrofitting removed. Here’s the scoop:

NAR Washington Report:  Facts about “Homeowners–Listen Up” Email

An email (subject: “Homeowners–Listen Up”) is being re-circulated claiming that H.R. 2454: the American Clean Energy & Security Act would require an energy license/retrofits for home sale.  The email is NOT accurate.  H.R. 2454 remains pending in the Senate. Senators Kerry (D-MA), Graham (R-SC) and Lieberman (I-CT) continue to pursue bipartisan support for an alternative to the House bill to move the legislation forward for consideration by the Senate.  NAR continues to monitor the Senate efforts and will work to ensure residential and commercial real estate is not adversely impacted.

Additionally, during consideration of H.R. 2454, NAR was instrumental in eliminating time-of-sale energy efficiency requirements from the bill.  The House approved H.R.2454 with the following two provisions.  We will work to ensure that these provisions are retained in the Senate version of the legislation:
* Section 202 (Building Retrofit Program) would offer matching grants for home improvements.  State governments would administer the program which is voluntary and available to all property owners.
* Section 204 (Building Energy Performance Labeling Program) would apply to new construction only and prohibit time-of-sale labeling.  The original energy audit and MLS listing provisions were deleted.

Thanks to REALTORS®, NAR succeeded in excluding existing real estate from the bill requirements.  Last summer after the House approved its version of the legislation and this email originally surfaced, NAR developed a full packet of information complete with legislative analysis, Myths vs. Facts, FAQs, etc.  Below is a link to the packet on

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The rumor even got debunked on the rumor-busting website

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