Inappropriate Usage of REALTOR® Trademark

  • (associates Arizona + REALTOR®… geographic areas may never be used with “REALTOR®” unless referring to a local or state association of REALTORS®)
  • (associates Arizona + REALTOR®…see above)
  • (associates Scottsdale + REALTOR®… see above)
  • (associates Casa Grande + REALTOR®… see above)
  • (associates adjective + REALTOR®… adjectives or descriptors may never be used with “REALTOR®”)
  • (associates descriptor + REALTOR®… see above)
  • Twitter or Facebook username is “PhoenixRealtor” or “ResortHomeRealtor” or “DiligentRealtor” (associates location or descriptor + REALTOR®… see above)
  • George Washington REALTOR LLC” as a registered business name (never appropriate to have the trademark as part of a business name)
  • anyone who is not a member using “REALTOR®” in any reference to themselves or their business

Appropriate Usage of REALTOR® Trademark

  • (associates member name + REALTOR®)
  • (associates member name + REALTOR®)
  • (associates member name + REALTOR®)
  • (associates firm name + REALTOR®)
  • (associates firm name + REALTOR®)
  • (no “REALTOR®” at all)
  • (no “REALTOR®” at all)
  • appraisers who are NAR members in good standing may always use trademark in appropriate manner

What should you do if you find that your email address is not in compliance with the trademark rules?

  1. Set up a new, compliant email address.
  2. Forward your current email address to the new one. Be sure to have an autoreply message to senders telling them that your email address has changed.
  3. As you use up your business cards and other printed materials, substitute your new email address.
  4. After a year or so, messages to the old email address will trickle away to nothing. You can keep the address dormant or let it lapse. 

For more information, see NAR’s Trademark/Logo Rules or contact me 602-248-7787 or