In a previous blog posting, I asked what REALTORS® thought of the Arizona Association of REALTORS® (AAR) investigating the possibility of offering e-signatures as a new member service. The response was pretty positive, and thus we have moved forward with our investigations.

We have spoken to several vendors and have pricing from each vendor. We are currently testing two products for their respective ease of use, integration with our electronic forms, price, user interface and several other criteria. Testers include both AAR staff and members of the association. We may add a third vendor to the testing if they can bring a better deal. HINT…HINT!

Offering e-signatures is not an inexpensive direction for AAR. We are looking at costs for plans that provide a base level of envelopes/transactions plus reduced pricing for members to upgrade their plan to unlimited plans.

This is an exciting and worthwhile exercise for the benefit of our members and their clients. Stay tuned!!!

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