I Heart “Search Stories”

by Phil Sexton on June 2, 2010

I am a fan of short, fast-paced videos that are interesting to watch.  I am NOT a fan of video editing because it’s time consuming and tedious. So when I attended a class taught by Justin McHood at Scottsdale Camp and he showed an example of a short, fast-paced video that he created with no video editing, my interest was piqued.

The first thing I did after the class was head over to youtube.com/searchstories to make a video for John Hall & Associates. Then I thought it would make a good post for this blog too, so I spent about 15 minutes making this video for AAR:

All you have to do to create your own masterpiece is:

  1. Type up to six search queries and pick what you’d like to search (News, Blogs, Maps, Books, Web, Images).
  2. Pick one of the 30-ish sound track options.
  3. Push ‘Create Video.’

The tool does EVERYTHING else to create the video.  Once it’s done, you can preview the creation, give it a title and description, and upload it to your YouTube channel. Done.

I am a huge fan of tools that make it simple to create interesting content. If you make a video for your business or association, post a link in the comments below!

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Tom Farley June 2, 2010 at 9:18 pm


What a really cool tool to make your own videos. It seems easy enough and could be quite useful for a variety of programs or issues. Thanks for taking the time to write this post.

I learned something new (easy video creation) and was reminded that we need to make our website more user-friendly. You used Google to search AAR instead of http://www.aaronline.com. With the addition of Brad on our staff, I am sure he will make our site much more user friendly.

Tom Farley, CEO
Arizona Association of REALTORS

Phil Sexton June 3, 2010 at 8:31 am

Thanks Tom! There are some WAY better Search Stories displayed on http://www.youtube.com/searchstories. People have done some really creative (search) story telling.

Searching for AAR instead of AARonline.com was just an attempt to shorten the search query as I’m pretty sure it would get the same results. I think the site has excellent resources today, but I’m always excited to see improvements!


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