The other day I attended a GRI class at a local association, and the instant I got to the parking lot, it was clear that I was surrounded by REALTORS®. Almost every car in the lot had a custom license plate to show that the person driving sold homes, land or the like. This got me thinking, “How many REALTORS® have custom license plates?”

Let’s see how many people in Arizona are proud to be a REALTOR®. If you have a real-estate-related plate, send a photo of it to and I’ll add it to this post. Or you can just tell us what it says in the comments box below. [For the tech-savvy readers, you can use the HTML <img> tag to embed an online image or <a href> tag to embed a link in the comments box below.]

Note from the editor: The custom license plate image above is an illustration for the purposes of this story only and in no way condones the misuse of the REALTOR® trademark. So there.

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