Image of REALTOR Day at the Capitol Sign

Photo by AAR Intern Peter Wilson

The recent tragedy in Tucson was on everyone’s mind as we huddled closer to the warmers for REALTOR® Day at the Capitol last Tuesday. The session began with AAR President Duane Fouts leading us in a moment of silence. Many of the REALTORS® had gotten up before the sun and traveled for hours to attend. The bus to bring the Prescott association members had to be unfrozen with a blow torch before it would open. The REALTOR® Party was well represented as the Arizona legislature focused on REALTOR® issues.

AAR CEO Tom Farley and Government Affairs Director Nicole LaSlavic ensured that we were well prepared by giving a run-down of four hot bills affecting our industry. Everyone under the tent, Republicans and Democrats, was now on the same page. 400 REALTORS® united makes quite an impact. Imagine if it were 1,000?

We enjoyed a nice hot lunch provided by AAR, and my district (District 2) was fortunate to have both Representative Tom Chabin and Senator Jack Jackson, Jr. join us. We were afforded the opportunity to discuss REALTOR® party issues at length with these two representatives. As I looked around, I soon realized that we were not unique. Each table was filled with AAR members addressing Arizona leadership from every legislative district across the state. Members of the Arizona House and Senate took the time to sit, eat and meet with their REALTOR® constituents.

It was my first time attending REALTOR® Day at the Capitol, and it will not be my last. We underestimate ourselves when we do not realize that as the largest trade organization in Arizona, we have an extremely strong voice in shaping public policy. We only need to show up and be recognized. A sincere thank you to everyone from all over the state, AAR members and elected officials alike, for braving the cold, overcoming a tragedy and showing up last week.

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