Easy & Cheap: Backing Up Your Text Messages on a Droid

by Dru Bloomfield on April 13, 2011

View of Backup Folders

Here’s one of the very best tips I got at RE BarCamp last week:

“Backup to Gmail” is  a Droid application that you can download immediately from the Marketplace.

This is a MUST HAVE type of app for any REALTOR®.

Download and install it, and then your call log, multi-media messages and simple text messages are backed up to your Gmail account in folders called “Call Log”, “MMS” and “SMS.”

It’s easy, simple AND cheap.

Cost: $1.99

With this app, or something similar like Backup SMS+,you will have a history of your conversations with clients, office and servicers, which is searchable.  And, as we become more and more reliant on texting as a way of communicating in our business, it’s absolutely critical to be able to document and track our conversations, easily and effectively.

Sample Text Backup

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