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Yesterday AAR received a call from Officer Larsen of the Peoria Police Department. The police force had recently caught a crew of thieves who’d been stealing AC units from vacant homes.

The perpetrators shared their technique: First, they’d drive through a neighborhood and take note of which homes appeared vacant. Then they’d park nearby and wait for foot traffic to die down. Next they’d check to see if the RV gate or side gate had a lock. If it did not, they’d disassemble the unit and come back later that night to haul it all away.

The number one item on the list that determined if they’d hit a home or not, emphasized Officer Larsen, was whether there was a lock on the gate. It seems a small price to pay to avoid the hassle of losing an AC unit–or worse.

If you notice suspicious activity in your neighborhood or near a listing, call the police.

Stay safe out there, REALTORS®!



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