***UPDATE ***

January 10, 2013 | 2:40 p.m.

MongoFax is working. We’re not sure of any details, because we still haven’t reached MongoNet. However, after some testing failed yesterday, we now see MongoFax working just fine. We’ll continue checking and keep you posted of any new developments.


On January 3, one of our members brought to our attention that MongoFax, the free fax-to-email service AAR has been recommending, is not working. AAR Director of Business Services Nick Catanesi has been unable to communicate with any of our MongoFax contacts by email, cell phone, office phone, or text message for the last several days. While their website is up (www.MongoNet.net) and customer support is recording messages, we want to alert members to be aware there might be some technical or business concerns at this time. We will keep you updated as the situation is clarified. Please contact AAR’s Business Services if you have any questions, (480) 304-8930.