AAR doesn’t usually make security announcements, but several members have contacted us about recent concerns with Java v10.  zipForm®6’s site (www.zipformonline.com) also mentions this issue.  The concern is that a serious, immediate vulnerability was discovered in Java v10 last Friday and Java is required to access zipForm®.  The Department of Homeland Security recommended that users uninstall Java, hence the confusion among members.

This morning, Oracle released Java v11 to address this vulnerability (go to www.Java.com).  Although zipForm®6’s (aka “zipForm® Online”)  website is not affected, we believe it would be prudent to update to the new version of Java to prevent problems members might encounter in other, infected web sites.  Among the basic groundrules for “safe computing” are always keep the latest updates installed, avoid visiting random webpages, and keep a good antimalware/antivirus installed and updated. 

Regardless of your make of computer, security vulnerabilities are a threat!