Looking for an alternative to SureClose®?  Looking to start using a transaction management system for your brokerage?  Where’s the best place to start looking?  The Transaction Management Comparison Matrix might be your best place to start.  We took 8 of the most popular transaction management systems in the market today and asked them to briefly list the features and functionalities of their systems.  The result is an easy to read matrix that provides brokers with a “quick glimpse” at different systems; contact information is also provided to allow the broker to ask for more detail.

Remember, any transaction system is acceptable by ADRE.  The difference is how much work a broker has to do to stay in compliance; some systems do more to keep the broker in compliance than others.  Refer to ADRE SPS 2010.01 for detailed information on requirements for electronic storage.

To access the matrix, visit the Arizona REALTOR® website (http://www.aaronline.com/efficient-business-tools/transaction-management/)  or contact Business Services support via email (support@aaronline.com) or phone (866-833-7357).

See the Transaction Management Comparison Matrix

TM Matrix