A brand-new Community feature will soon be available within zipForm® Plus.  The zipLogix Community allows for Brokers using Broker accounts to collaborate with their agents on transactions and provide pre-approval on forms prior to client delivery.

The Community also allows agents in single user accounts to collaborate directly with clients giving the client the ability to log into a zipForm® portal and make changes on the zipForm® documents within their transaction. These edits are tracked under a history section within the transaction. Upon login to either the agent or client accounts, the end user will then see a notification alert making it easy to track all changes that are made by the other party.

This new feature will be announced at the upcoming NAR meetings and will automatically appear in your zipForm® Plus account.  For more information on this great new zipLogix feature, see below or call the AAR Business Services department at 480-304-8930.

Help at a Glance flyers (PDFs):

zipLogix Community: For Clients: http://dl3.zipform.com/training/zipformplus/helpataglance-ziplogixcommunity-client.pdf
zipLogix Community: For Agents: http://dl3.zipform.com/training/zipformplus/helpataglance-ziplogixcommunity-agent.pdf
zipForm® Plus Notifications: http://dl3.zipform.com/training/zipformplus/helpataglance-zipformplusnotifications.pdf
zipForm® Plus Document Approval: http://dl3.zipform.com/training/zipformplus/helpataglance-documentapproval.pdf

YouTube Videos:

How to mark documents and files for approval: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAcORsqmcts

For further support, email support@aaronline.com or call 480-304-8930 or 866-833-7357.

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