NAR 360 is an hour-long update and overview of National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) conference activities. Some of the reports included:

National results with REALTOR® Party efforts

RAPAC and Arizona REALTORS® raise and spend money to elect candidates who support and understand real estate issues and vote to protect Arizona homeowners—your investment makes a difference! At the national level, fundraising was highly successful, with a 28% increase in participation. NAR supported 429 House candidates and 36 Senate candidates; 430 succeeded for a 94% success rate.

Also, 11 out of 12 independent expenditure campaigns were successful. One example is Kyrsten Sinema’s reelection campaign here in Arizona. Sinema has a strong record of supporting REALTOR® issues, including private property rights and the Mortgage Interest Deduction. She was reelected by a large margin.

For a more complete wrap-up of REALTOR®-supported election races in Arizona, please see the upcoming Arizona REALTOR® Voice.

The .REALTOR domain

The .REALTOR domain is in play! This REALTOR®-only domain is available exclusively through NAR. After only two weeks, more than 80,000 REALTORS® have claimed their free domain name. Remember, the first 500,000 members to claim a domain receive it free for the first year. Additional domains and additional years are available. Members also receive a free profile page on Find more information at www.About.REALTOR.

News Corp purchase of

NAR President Steve Brown and CEO Dale Stinton discussed the lead-up to the deal and what it means for members. News Corp CEO Robert Thompson joined them via satellite to share his vision with dry humor that often had the large crowd in NAR 360 cheering.

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