The Arizona Association of REALTORS® (AAR) has a long-standing track record of election successes and this election cycle was no different. This year the REALTORS® of Arizona Political Action Committee Trustees (RAPAC) voted to endorse 84 candidates for the state legislature and various statewide offices. Though the official election results have yet to be finalized, the initial results reflect 81 AAR-endorsed candidates have been elected to office, a 96.4% success rate.

In the most importance race of the election, REALTOR® Champion and current Republican State Treasurer Doug Ducey defeated Democrat Fred DuVal with a double-digit victory in the Governor’s race. In the second-highest elected office, Republican Senator Michele Reagan defeated Democrat candidate Terry Goddard for the office of Secretary of State.

On the legislative front, AAR-endorsed candidates performed very well, posting a 97.4% success rate, or 77 out of 79 with one race still too close to call. In the House of Representatives there will be 17 new faces to educate on issues of importance to REALTORS®.

With the election completed, each legislative chamber met to choose their leadership, all are champions for the real estate industry. In the House of Representatives, Representative David Gowan is the new Speaker of the House, Representative Steve Montenegro is the Majority Leader and Representative David Livingston is the Majority Whip. On the Senate side, Senator Andy Biggs remains President, while Senator Steve Yarbrough becomes Majority Leader and Senator Gail Griffin becomes Majority Whip.

The 2015 legislative session begins on January 12, where the statewide and legislative officeholders will be sworn in. Please join the Arizona Association of REALTORS® on Tuesday, January 13, for our annual REALTOR® Day at the Capitol to meet your legislators and celebrate our successes.

Here are the candidates the Arizona REALTORS® endorsed who were successful in their races:

Statewide Races:

Governor: Doug Ducey – R

Secretary of State: Michele Reagan – R

State Treasurer: Jeff DeWit – R

Corporation Commission: Tom Forese – R, Doug Little – R

House of Representatives:

District 1: Karen Fann – R

District 2: Rosanna Gabaldón – D

District 3: Marcario Saldate IV – D

District 4: Lisa Otondo – D

District 5: Sonny Borrelli – R, Regina Cobb – R

District 6: Brenda Barton – R, Robert (Bob) Thorpe – R

District 8: Frank Pratt – R, T.J. Shope – R

District 9: Victoria Steele – D

District 10: Stefanie Mach – D, Bruce Wheeler – D

District 11: Mark Finchem – R, Vince Leach – R

District 12: Eddie Farnsworth – R, Warren Petersen – R

District 13: Darin Mitchell – R, Steve Montenegro – R

District 14: David Gowan – R, David Stevens – R

District 15: John Allen – R, Heather Carter – R

District 16: Doug Coleman – R, Kelly Townsend – R

District 17: J.D. Mesnard – R, Jeff Weninger – R

District 18: Bob Robson – R, Jill Norgaard – R

District 19: Mark Cardenas – D

District 20: Paul Boyer – R

District 21: Rick Gray – R, Tony Rivero – R

District 22: David Livingston – R, Phil Lovas – R

District 23: Michelle Ugenti – R, Jay Lawrence – R

District 24: Lela Alston – D, Ken Clark – D

District 25: Justin Olson – R, Russell “Rusty” Bowers – R

District 27: Reginald Bolding – D, Rebecca Rios – D

District 28: Eric Meyer – D, Kate Brophy McGee – R

District 30: Jonathan Larkin – D


District 1: Stephen Pierce – R

District 2: Andrea Dalessandro – D

District 3: Olivia Cajero Bedford – D

District 4: Lynne Pancrazi – D

District 5: Kelli Ward – R

District 6: Sylvia Allen – R

District 7: Carlyle Begay – D

District 8: Barbara McGuire – D

District 9: Steve Farley – D

District 10: David Bradley – D

District 11: Steve Smith – R

District 12: Andy Biggs – R

District 13: Don Shooter – R

District 14: Gail Griffin – R

District 15: Nancy Barto – R

District 16: David Farnsworth – R

District 17: Steve Yarbrough – R

District 18: Jeff Dial – R

District 19: Lupe Contreras – D

District 20: Kimberly Yee – R

District 21: Debbie Lesko – R

District 22: Judy Burges – R

District 23: John Kavanagh – R

District 24: Katie Hobbs – D

District 25: Bob Worsley – R

District 26: Ed Ableser – D

District 27: Catherine Miranda – D

District 28: Adam Driggs – R

District 29: Martin Quezada – D

District 30: Robert Meza – D


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