Did you know in AAR eSign you can change the behavior of your signing locations (otherwise known as signing zones) when adding zones to a form when creating an eSign session? These changes include:

  • Changing the Date/Time zone (which by default will show the Month/Day/Year) to be Date & Time or Time Only when selected by the signer.
  • Making the Signature, Initials, Date/Time, and Radio Button zones optional (which are by default required zones) or vice versa making a Checkbox or Form Field zone required (which are by default optional.) If a zone is required, your signer can not complete their signing session until all zones are signed whereas optional zones can be skipped during the signing process.
  • Placing conditions on signing zones when there are multiple or either/or signing choices on a form.

For detailed information or additional help with changing the behavior of your signing zones, give the AAR Business Services team a call at 480-304-8930.

The AAR Business Services department offers live training for zipForm® Plus and AAR eSign. There are also many resources for training right on our website at http://www.aaronline.com/businessservices including user guides, videos, and additional online webinars.
For support, email support@aaronline.com or call 480-304-8930 or 866-833-7357.