In observance of REALTOR® Safety Month in September, the Arizona Association of REALTORS® (AAR) has launched the Agent Safety Alert Program (ASAP).

Agent Safety Alert Program (ASAP)An increased focus on security started earlier this year with a series of REALTOR® safety videos featuring AAR First Vice President and Safety Workgroup Chair Paula Monthofer. ASAP was setup as yet another way for AAR to better protect its members from harm.

“We belong to the largest trade organization in Arizona,” said Monthofer. “We have the numbers, the knowledge and the skill set to attack this in a more proactive manner.”

The safety workgroup created a text-based alert system just for REALTORS® that notifies members that an incident has occurred that may pose a threat to the safety and well-being of other REALTORS® in the area. Active AAR members will be able to receive text message alerts and post online incident reports in real-time. Prior to ASAP, the association was only able to share safety alerts via social media and its members-only website.

“We want to do more than share safety warnings on social media,” said AAR CEO Michelle Lind. “So we decided to be more proactive in alerting Arizona REALTORS® of potential hazards.” Lind was one of four safety panelists at the August 2015 National Association of REALTORS® Leadership Summit in Chicago, IL.

In addition to ASAP, there are several best practices and tips offered to keep REALTORS® safe including never meeting a stranger in a private space.

During the summit, Lind spoke of former AAR member Sidney Cranston who vanished this summer after showing a property in Kingman, AZ to an unknown potential buyer. AAR is diligently working to ensure its members are armed with knowledge and tools to keep them safe and avoid similar tragedies.

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