By guest blogger and Arizona REALTORS® 2017 President Paula Monthofer, ABR

As we begin 2017, what can I write today to make a difference for you? Ok…Can we just admit the idea of even trying to come up with words to make a difference to 47,000 diverse Arizona REALTORS® is daunting at best and impossible at worst?

So, I am not even going to try.


I realized this: At the end of the day it’s not about whatever words I write or which you read from any author, unless that author is you.

I can share with you:

  • Interest rates are slated to rise in 2017
  • The new contract goes live next month, and
  • There continues to be a shortage of inventory throughout our state.

Do these trends mean more opportunities for you, or less? I promise you; whatever you think about them – you are right.

The truth is none of these trends, or your thoughts on them, will have as much impact on your success in 2017 as your thoughts about YOU.

What words do you have for yourself this year? Every person on the planet has an inner voice. Do you lift yourself up or talk smack about yourself?

Words are powerful. The most powerful words are the ones we say to ourselves. Would you speak the way you speak to yourself to someone you love? Listen and see.

We put our hearts into the pregame for 2017 and now we are ready to play our hearts out for you.

Next week, more than 300 realtors will gather to fight to keep more money on your neighbors’ tables at our 2017 Arizona REALTORS® at the Capitol – will you be one of them?

Your staff and leadership at Arizona REALTORS® and at our local associations throughout our state are ready to make 2017 OUTSTANDING for you.

How can we help you make 2017 your best year ever? I know we can if you let us.


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