Guest blog by Carla Rayman, CIPS, CRS, GRI, RSPS and Patricia Tan, CIPS, GRI, RSPS

National and state parks, history, casinos, visiting friends and family. These are just some of the reasons people come to Arizona, but why should they stay or make real estate investments?

Here are 10 things you can do to help move them in that direction:

  1.  Showcase your local area; point out why it’s a great place to live and invest, not just a tourist spot
  2.  Think quality of life: climate, leisure activities, history and culture, education, medical facilities — all play a part in a decision to relocate or invest in a particular area
  3.  Stress accessibility and transportation, not only to support economic growth but allow residents to visit friends and family in other countries or parts of the U.S.
  4.  Know the numbers — not just real estate market statistics, but key economic indicators; what sets Arizona apart from other states or your region from other parts of Arizona?
  5.  Breakdown communication barriers; speaking a customer’s native language can be a benefit, but simply understanding and taking an active interest in their history and culture can work wonders too
  6.  Introduce them to people who can make their relocation or investment a success; it could be as simple as a personal banker who speaks their language, or attorneys to handle immigration and tax matters
  7.  Show them the money! Find out who in your area provides financing for foreign nationals
  8.  Establish a sense of community; introduce clients to cultural organizations in which they can relate
  9.  Become and stay a trusted partner; offer guidance at every step of their journey from initial education about the U.S. real estate system to recommend a plumber if their water heater breaks
  10.  Build on their and your success; referrals to friends, family and business associates will be forthcoming.

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Patricia Tan and Carla Rayman Patricia Tan and Carla Rayman formed Your Global Consultants
in 2005 to serve clients in international real estate transactions.

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