Best-selling author Stefan Swanepoel recently discussed the Number One residential real estate trend for 2017 in a 20-minute webinar. Below are a few highlights.

  • (The Teams) trend has been driven by a young generation of new entrepreneurial agents that are, in some regard, disenfranchised with what they are calling the older or the more traditional real estate model
  • There is a perception that teams give them a family unit, it gives them more freedom, more flexibility, they can be more their own person
  • The more you drive people to being in isolation, as a result of using technology and working from home…the more you actually have a need to be together as part of a team
  • There are maybe five distinctly different kinds of teams:
    • Family teams…mother-daughter, husband-wife
    • Happenstance teams…geographical area, convenience
    • Rainmaker teams…stronger persona (supported by) other people
    • Streamline teams…well-run machines
    • Expansion teams…predominately in a geographical region
  • Teams can be very powerful in a company but they can be disruptive if your ego gets out of check.

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