Real estate signs and riders are an iconic part of American neighborhoods, along with balloons and directions to open houses. Families looking for new homes can cruise around their favorite neighborhoods and easily see what properties are available.

“Under Contract” and “SOLD” riders are a beacon of the American dream in action.

Just like beautiful flowers need rain and sunlight to bloom year after year, real estate signs need your help to remain part of our communities. Commercial signage has recently come under attack from some local governments that are exploring limiting the location of signs, as well as the length and frequency they can be on display.

By standing with your fellow REALTORS®, you are part of a loud and powerful voice that protects your interests and your industry at every level of government.

The Arizona REALTOR® Party (ARP) is supported by Arizona REALTORS®, and it’s the only organization specifically looking out for the interests of real estate professionals, which means ARP handles a lot more than signs. This powerful alliance helps shape policy on taxes, deductions, licensing, and any other issues.

This is why the REALTORS® of Arizona Political Action Committee (RAPAC) relies on support from REALTORS® from Bullhead City to Sierra Vista. There is no stronger voice than one shared and amplified by thousands of people, standing together to promote our country’s most important industry as well as the interests and rights of all Arizona homeowners.

Investing in RAPAC now is just like planting the seeds for a beautiful garden; you make the investment of time and sow the seeds, so they can grow.

So far this year, more than 9,000 members like you have sowed an investment in your political security. Beyond that, 82 of your colleagues have stepped up and invested $1,000 or more each to help RAPAC continue to represent REALTORS® in every city in Arizona.

As spring continues, there is no doubt that more and more For Sale signs will be popping up. With your help today, RAPAC will ensure the best conditions for these signs to stay up and bloom into SOLD signs.

Add your voice by investing in RAPAC today.

Charles Siler is REALTOR® Party Director for the Arizona REALTORS®

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