In a recent survey, more than 1,000 Arizona REALTORS® answered questions to help focus state association programs and services. Here is the second set of responses and some examples of how we are responding.

What service or information should we offer?

  1. More new agent training
  2. New (and seasoned) REALTORS® can search scheduled courses on the Arizona Dept. of Real Estate website, and in Upcoming Events on You’ll also find a variety of educational videos in our Webinar Archives. Want more? Contract Conversations explains each section of the Residential Resale Purchase Contract in bite-sized videos!

  3. Transaction Management Platform
  4. We regularly update our Transaction Management Comparison Matrix and encourage you to consider some of the options found there.

  5. “Why use a REALTOR®?” materials
  6. There are a variety of online resources including: Why Use a Realtor®? 6 Important Reasons, 6 Reasons You Should Never Buy or Sell a Home Without an Agent and 8 Things Realtors Do to Earn Their Keep from Tired of battling online real estate price estimates? Feel free to share this flyer.

  7. More Certified Risk Management Specialist (rCRMS) classes
  8. We heard you! As of this post, there were 10 rCRMS classes available on our Upcoming Events webpage; two are being live-streamed to local association classrooms.

How often do you receive emails from Arizona REALTORS®?

  1. Weekly (62.24%)
  2. Monthly (20.49%)
  3. Eight-out-of-10 members report they only receive emails once-a-week or less. Your inbox may become overloaded (more on how to manage email overload), but probably not with messages from your state association. Every email allows you to manage your subscriptions and you can do the same on our website.

Do you find the Arizona REALTOR® VOICE weekly e-newsletter valuable?

  1. Yes (64.44%)
  2. Members who get the VOICE enjoy timely risk management articles, Legal Hotline Q&A and so much more. As a matter of fact, nearly half of all Arizona REALTOR® (46.9%) members opened at least one edition of the VOICE over the last five weeks. If you haven’t read one lately, see what you’re missing.

Do you have a Facebook page?

  1. Yes (82.84%)
  2. Zephoria Digital Marketing reports there were more than 1.94 billion active Facebook users in March 2017, up 18-percent year-to-year. According to, there are almost twice as many Facebook visitors than the second most popular social network (YouTube).

    More than three-quarters of our REALTOR® members check their Facebook page at least once a day. If you haven’t already done so, please ‘Like’ and Follow for critical updates about zipForm®, eSign and our industry, as well as news you can reuse to help clients and promote the market.

How would you rate your state association on the following?

    Three “8’s” and four “7’s” really inspire us to continue working hard to serve members like you!
    2017 Arizona REALTORS® member survey results for rating the state association
    8: Industry & Business Information; Education & Professional Development; Frequency of Communication
    7: Relevancy to Business Success, Risk Management; REALTOR® Party & Legislative Advocacy; Business Services & Training

PART ONE (in case you missed it):

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