On June 9, 2017, after consultation with the Arizona Association of REALTORS®, the Arizona Department of Real Estate released a new Substantive Policy Statement (SPS) titled: Unlicensed Assistants.

The new SPS, numbered 2017.01, replaces SPS 2005.04 which after 12 years was seen as outdated. By way of this new SPS, guidance is offered as to those tasks unlicensed assistants can and cannot perform, and better reflects the role of unlicensed assistants in today’s real estate world. It also clarifies and emphasizes that: (i) unlicensed assistants can be hired by an Arizona licensed real estate broker or salesperson; and (ii) employing brokers are “responsible for all activities of licensed individuals within the brokerage.”

SPS 2017.01 can be found on the Arizona Department of Real Estate website.

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