If you’ve been looking for a customer relationship management (CRM) tool that includes marketing and transaction management, look no further.

LionDesk™ gives real estate professionals what they’ve been wanting out of real estate automation. It manages the entire real estate business from lead-to-close and creates transparency for teams and staff members.

For years, agents have been forced to use multiple systems to run different elements of their business. Rarely were these systems integrated, which made for an incomplete and inefficient platform. That is, until now.

By integrating with more than 100 third-party applications, LionDesk has become the central hub for REALTORS®. Leads flow in from multiple sources (Facebook, Realtor.com, etc.) into a single platform, making it much easier to manage and organize leads. Distribution rules can be set up to make sure all leads are getting the attention and follow up necessary for higher conversion rates.

LionDesk offers a variety of ways to automate the lead process from beginning to end. Email and text drip campaigns are included and now have video capability, which can significantly improve open rates.

Featuring dozens of pre-built campaigns that are ready-to-use from the first time you login, LionDesk has opened up its platform, so other agents to share their own successful campaigns in the community forum.

Also included are unique text-to-sell numbers (perfect for flyer and sign riders), marketing tracking and a power dialer for prospecting efficiently. You can also manage and sync tasks with e-calendars like Google, and the Deal & Pipeline Management section helps you manage the transaction process from contract to close.

LionDesk makes it easy to keep all parties in a transaction on the same page, at all times, so agents and brokers have an audit trail for compliance purposes. It also syncs with many transaction tools already provided by some brokerages, MLSs and associations, while offering similar functionality such as document management, notes and activities.

Other LionDesk features include:

  • Auto Responder
  • Email Tracking
  • Click to Call
  • Broker Functions
  • MLS Integration
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Mobile App for IOS, Android
  • Multi-User Accounts and much more.

Right now, LionDesk is offering a FREE 30-Day trial. Normally $300 per year, Arizona REALTORS® can save $75 with the discount code: AARONLINE. This special $225 yearly subscription offer is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee.

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