zipLogix reports that the latest version of Google Chrome (Version 60) and its built-in PDF plugin is not handling certain types of images/logos properly, so printing your PDFs results in blank lines with no text.

Google developers have fixed the issue in an early developer’s version; however, at this time there is no scheduled release date and it may be several weeks before it is publicly made available.

In the meantime, as a temporary workaround there are 4 possible solutions (3 recommended) until Google addresses the issue in an upcoming release.

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Google Chrome Printing Issue Solutions

  1. Although zipLogix has always encouraged using Google Chrome, for the time being using another browser such as Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge (already installed on most Windows® based computers) will allow you to print your PDF’s correctly; Mac & Windows® users can also use the Firefox browser as a temporary workaround to fix the problem
  2. Alter your settings in Google Chrome, so that PDFs open in Adobe vs the Google Chrome PDF plugin
  3. Save your document as a PDF and print it using Adobe
  4. Revert to a previous version of Google Chrome (59 or older)*
    *Note: This is not recommended as it requires configuration that could potentially cause your Google Chrome software to not automatically update in the future. If this is something you would like to do in lieu of the previous workarounds, you will need to contact an IT professional at your own expense.

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