The REALTOR® Party fights legislative battles on your behalf and provides its members with professional lobbying, legislative analysis, grassroots contacts and long-term political relationships.

The REALTOR® Party also educates city council members, legislators and members of Congress about our industry, and guarantees that no decision is made that will affect our industry, good or bad, until our voice is heard.

Hear what Arizona REALTORS® 2017 Legislative and Political Affairs Chair Gary Nelson has to say about the proposed strengthening of the REALTOR® Party in this video.

Without the REALTOR® Party:

  • Arizona Homeowners would pay $20.2 million dollars in property taxes
  • Brokers and agents would be paying $80-$150 for additional business licenses in each city or town in which they do business
  • Arizona would have a real estate transfer tax, resulting in double taxation (Prop 100, amended the constitution – 2008)
  • Arizona would have a professional services tax
  • Arizona’s anti-deficiency law protection would no longer exist
  • For Sale and For Rent signs in HOAs and condo associations could be regulated or prohibited (SB 1062 – 2007)
  • Open houses could be limited by HOAs
  • HOAs and condos could freely restrict rentals
  • Dual licensure would be required to sell a used mobile home on real property (HB 2373 – 2004)
  • A real estate agent would be limited in their ability to provide broker opinions of values/broker’s price opinion or BOV/BPO (SB1291 2007)
  • Property owners would be liable for the unpaid water bills of tenants or prior owners. (HB 2193 2011)
  • HOA disclosure fees would be unlimited (SB 1149)
  • Statewide earth fissure maps would not be available and updated – and real estate licensees would have more liability for the issue (HB 2639 – 2006)
  • Sellers would be subject to a host of unreasonable disclosure obligations, such as disclosure of the active ingredient in any pesticide used on the property to treat household pests. (HB 2174 – 2002)

Arizona REALTORS® CEO Michelle Lind imagines a world without a legislative voice in this video.

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and explore the Arizona REALTOR® Party Issues Mobilization Fund.

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