When moving as a single person, there are some things you should consider when choosing the perfect neighborhood. Young, single people have different priorities, compared to the families or couples. They need to find a neighborhood that fits their lifestyle, work, and free time activities. Therefore, we arranged the best Tucson neighborhoods for single people so it’s much easier to find the perfect one for you.

When looking to move in Tucson if you are single, there are some factors to consider. Here’s what to look for:

  • affordable housing – in most cases, single people don’t want to spend a lot of money on rent. Therefore, affordable housing is one of the most important factors. Experienced Arizona realtors will help you find the perfect home just for you.
  • rich nightlife – single people enjoy going out and do it much often than couples or families. Therefore, the best Tucson neighborhoods for single people should include a lot of good restaurants, bars, and cafes.
  • job opportunities – people that are single are more likely to switch jobs, so it’s great if a neighborhood is close to some great companies.

Here’s the list of the neighborhoods you should definitely pay attention to if you are moving as a single person. They are amazing Tucson choices you can’t make a mistake with.

Sam Hughes is a neighborhood that offers houses of different price ranges and has a very diverse population. Since it is close to the University of Arizona, the population of this neighborhood includes a lot of students, professors, but also young professionals, artists, and lawyers. Another thing that attracts single people is the proximity to the Downtown.

Armory Park is a part of downtown, which includes a lot of interesting architectural spots. Since it has an interesting architectural style, it is a very attractive neighborhood. There are a couple of great restaurants in the area, as well as other places to go out and spend your free time.

One of the elite parts of the city, Catalina Foothills is favorite among young professionals. Its population includes a lot of single and successful people, which is great if you are moving to Tucson as a single person. However, it is more on the expensive side, so if you can spend a bit more on the housing – Catalina Foothills is the way to go.

Dove Mountain is one of the modern and popular Tucson areas. It’s attractive and it’s located a bit outside of Tucson. You can find one of the best golf courses there, so if you like that sport, you’ll love it here.

The moving process can get a bit complicated if you are not experienced and you’ve never lived in Tucson before. Therefore, experienced local professionals are the way to go. Try looking for interstate moving team in Arizona that will make the whole relocation quick and easy, and handle your items with care. Furthermore, be sure to stay organized and make moving plans beforehand, so you can have a smooth move.

No neighborhood is perfect. Decide what are the most important criteria for you and try to choose a neighborhood based on that. It’s most important to find a place you’ll feel safe and happy with, so you can enjoy your single life there.