Continuing his “What I Learned at RE Connect 2010” series, Ron LaMee shares this tip that you can implement in your business immediately.

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What: Create a flyer for your new buyer or tenant to help them with utility and communication connections

Who: Any agent or property manager


Cost: Free

The Story: My son, Jon, is moving to Tucson to go to school and rented an apartment. Naturally, he started wondering about his options for Internet service and utilities. His REALTOR® sent him an ugly, much re-faxed page listing every utility and service offered in the Tucson area… not very useful.

At RE Connect, I found and created a very cool online flyer that gave him specific information for his address. It included links to the utility and cable company with lowest-price guarantees. I customized the flyer with my photo and clever comments for his benefit.

Jon was very impressed with how professional it looked and the specific information for his address. In less than five minutes, you can register and send your first free flyer. Try it for your own address. Every agent and property manager in Arizona should give this a shot. Please let me know if you come up with any weird or inaccurate information.

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