I can’t believe AAR’s Winter Conference is next week! Time flies. Hopefully you’re signed up and plan on attending. I’ll be there Thursday, doing the up (from Phoenix) and back thing – can’t stay the night. I’m not writing to share my schedule though. I’m writing because as close as we are to the conference, I’m surprised the buzz about “Hot Topic” predictions just took a 180 degree turn. New forms and contracts seem so simple now that the MARS disclosure questions have begun.

At yesterday’s Tempe office meeting Jim Sexton, Designated Broker of John Hall & Associates, went through the 4 new MARS disclosure forms for short sale listing agents. Wow. (Stay tuned for the cover story of this month’s AZ REALTOR® Magazine for additional info.)

Given the amount of discussion that took place at our meeting, coupled with the stunned looks on the faces of our agents, my bet is Jim, Michelle Lind, and Commissioner Lowe will address more questions and comments regarding MARS than they will about the forms.

See you next Thursday.

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