You know that the annual AAR Winter Conference is coming up, right?  Yes, I’m serious and, yes, I know how busy you are and I know that you have probably been meaning to “try to find the time.” Well, guess what, the time is now. As in, get your ticket and get yourself to Prescott this week.


Because you want, need and like to hang out with some of the best minds in the business.

You understand the power of knowledge.

You want to hear what’s hot, what’s happening and what’s new in our eve- changing industry.

I’ll admit, I was never a big fan of real estate conferences until just a few years ago. Heck, last year’s AAR conference was my very first one, and I am entering my 19th year selling real estate. If I was to start over, I’d have 18 of these suckers under my belt by now. Why?  Because I had a great time last year, I learned some valuable information, and built upon some great connections and relationships with some awesome people in our business.

The schedule of events for the conference shows that there is a tremendous number of great topics about many aspects of our business.

There will even be some RE BarCamp style sessions and some geeks on hand to help with technology questions ranging from BlackBerry to WordPress. ( I couldn’t think of anything that started with A or Z. ) Heck, there will even be a “Tweet Up” where we can just sit and talk to each other and learn in a fun and informal setting. What’s a Tweet Up?  It is kind of like a happy hour arraigned via Twitter. You have heard of Twitter, right?  People talk in 140 characters or less and use funny things called hash tags. If you know what Twitter is and know how to follow a hash tag, keep your eye on #aarwc. If you think I just started talking in a different language, please find me at one of the RE BarCamp sessions on Thursday, I’d love to explain. 🙂

Need more proof that this is a can’t miss event? The video below will show you how a business can be transformed by attending just one conference.

I can assure you that there is something for anyone in the real estate business at the AAR Winter Conference. Remember, this business is constantly evolving. There is no need to rely on the traditional media to keep us informed about market conditions or the benefits of recent industry changes. They tend to be a few months behind. Take control of your business, be an asset to yourself and to your clients. Learn from industry leaders.

Hey, don’t put it off any more. I hope to meet you in Prescott at #aarwc.

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