For those of you who’ve tried to use Digital Ink™ on your own, you know that it takes a little practice and a little getting used to; but once you know the tricks, it works great.  Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Always check your forms before sending them out for signature.  Digital Ink™ is pre-mapped to zipForm® documents, however there are fields that may not need to be signed or initialed.  There are many such fields throughout the forms; it is critical that you review your forms to make sure you’ve eliminated non-essential signatures/initials.  Two examples:
    • Residential Purchase Contract –
      • Lines 156 & 157:  The lead-based paint disclosure has two lines, one of which needs to be initialed depending on the date the property was built.  The agent should remove the initial field for the unnecessary initial.
      • Lines 412 & 416:  The seller will be prompted to sign line 412 to accept the contract and yet still ask for inititals on line 416 to reject it.  One of the two required fields must be removed.
      • Counter Offer – Lines 32, 34 & others:  There is no logic between Digital Ink™ and zipForm® at the present time.  Digital Ink™ knows a signature is required but doesn’t know who needs to provide it; the agent needs to “tell” Digital Ink™ who needs to sign these lines.
  • Once forms and parties have been selected in the eSign Selection window, click the “Continue to zipLogix Digital Ink™” button to continue; do not use the “Review” or “Send Now” buttons.  The “Continue to zipLogix Digital Ink™” allows you to add parties/documents and edit prior to sending submitting for signatures.  Soon, the “Review” and “Send Now” buttons will be removed.
  • Watch one of the online training webinars.  Click on a date/time to register for a webinar: