MongoFAX, a free AAR member benefit, does one thing and it does it extremely well: it faxes a document to an email address and converts the document to a PDF attachment.  If you haven’t tried it, give it a go. You’ll like the simplicity and ease of use.

If you’ve tried this, you know that the PDF attachment contains the MongoFAX cover page in addition to the document.  But did you know that there’s a way to make that PDF simply contain the document itself – without the cover page?  To make the MongoFAX attachment exclude the cover page, simply add as a CC: recipient on the fax cover page before sending. The PDF will simply be the document you intended sending.

There are other tips and tricks for MongoFax available are available on the MongoFAX user tips page. Or contact us at AAR Business Services support by email or by phone (480-304-8930, toll-free 866-833-7357).