For the Arizona Association of REALTORS®, your success is our priority. In 2013, AARwill be launching our newly re-designed website. The new AAROnline features a cleaner look, easier navigation and more robust search functionality. Here, you’ll be able to easily find information on how to: manage your risk, be heard at the Capitol, do business efficiently, stay informed and connected, increase your knowledge and resolve disputes.

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What’s more, the new AAR site will feature a robust search feature and highlight content that is the most popular for our members. And the new will be mobile-friendly, so AAR can go everywhere you go. We think you’ll like it, but you’ll have to wait until the New Year to see it live. For now, here’s a sneak peek of each section:


The Manage Risk section of includes: forms, advisories, legal hotline Q&A’s, broker/manager newsletters and numerous legal-related articles and resources focusing on today’s legal issues. We know that risk can’t be avoided in this industry, but it can be managed through the resources and tools offered to you as a member of AAR

Your membership ensures that you have a Voice at the Capitol. AAR is an effective advocate for our members and private property rights at the state level. Resources in this section of include your online connection to legislative bulletins and summaries, Capitol Insider updates during the legislative session, as well as RAPAC and issues mobilization resources and tools. As a member, you have a powerful political advocate working to keep your business in business.

These days, efficiency is a necessity. When you visit the Efficient Business Tools section of the new AAROnline, you can easily sign up for Zipforms (electronic contracts) and AAR’s Transaction Management platform. You can also access training webinars/videos, FAQs and user-guides. Additionally, this section houses information about tools available to you such as MongoFax, RoboForm and e-Sign.

Quality, reliable information is critical to help you stay abreast of industry practices and trends. In the Stay Informed section of the new AAROnline, staying ahead of the game has never been easier. Read AAR’s digital publications, connect with fellow members on AAR’s Facebook and Twitter feeds, watch videos and read the AAR Blog. Best of all, you’ll have a front row seat to industry news as it is happening.

Learning and honing new skills is essential to success. In the Increase Knowledge section, you will discover all the exceptional educational programs AAR offers such as: designation and certification courses, Master of Real Estate Society, online education opportunities, and resources to help you ensure the education courses you take are quality through our course and instructor certification programs and site. You will also find experienced REALTORS® sharing their advice for success through articles and videos in our Smart Start program. Information on the association’s events is also housed in this section providing opportunities to expose you to the best minds in the industry.

A commitment to the Code of Ethics is what makes you a REALTOR®. When things go wrong, as they sometimes can, AAR is here through tools offered in the Resolve Disputes section. Here you will find valuable resources covering the Code of Ethics and ethics enforcement, arbitration, Ombudsman and mediation programs, as well as detailed information guiding you through the complaint filing process.

The navigation may change, but the content stays the same!

Make the most of your membership by visiting often. And keep your eyes peeled for more updates coming soon!

This is post was included in the December issue of Arizona REALTOR® magazine.