Two weeks ago, AAR introduced our #AskScott video series featuring General Counsel Scott Drucker. We received many questions and plan to get to all of them soon. If you submitted your question, you haven’t been forgotten.

Today, Scott answers two questions:

  1. What happens to a solar lease upon the purchase of a residential property? (00:42)
  2. What rights do tenants have when a residential property is sold? (02:20)

Thank you to Kim, Darla and Kelly for your questions. Keep sending them in and we’ll try to get to them soon!

Watch here:

If you’d like to send in a question, simply add your question in the comments section below, email it to or use the hashtag #AskScott on Facebook or Twitter.

Note: Not all questions will be answered immediately when asked. If you need immediate legal assistance talk to your broker or contact AAR’s legal hotline.

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