During the 2017 Arizona REALTOR® Convention, VP of Business Services & Technology Nick Catanesi presented updates on four of the associations most-popular tech tools.

AAR eSign

What is a signature?

  • A visual representation which indicates an individual’s consent or acknowledgement
  • In the case of a contract in a transaction management system, proof that the broker saw the document

What is the difference between an electronic signature and a digital signature?

  • An electronic signature is created by the click of a mouse or by using your finger to trace a handwritten signature; it does not require authentication of the signer
  • A digital signature it a type of electronic signature, but offers more security through an authentication of identity; this authentication is embedded into the document which is then locked to prevent tampering

Where is the signature?

  • The Original PDF from AAR eSign
  • The Certificate of Authenticity

Important things to do with digitally signed documents:

  • Save and distribute copies of the original document
  • Always save the Certificate of Authenticity – include it in your file

Questions or need training?

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