Updated March 2018

Arizona REALTORS® is committed to providing its members with everything you need to succeed.

We’ve listened closely to your feedback and have some exciting news: the Arizona REALTORS® Single Sign-On (SSO) dashboard is scheduled to launch in the first quarter of 2018!

This dashboard will be the new center of your work day, bringing you a more convenient way to access all of your applications. Don’t worry, you’ll still log-in to the same MLS, we’re just upgrading how you can get there!

The new dashboard will simplify your workflow:

  • Access all your applications from ONE location!
    The new dashboard will offer all of your Arizona REALTORS® membership benefits AND third-party applications for easy access. You’ll be surprised at everything that is just one click away.

  • YOU ONLY NEED ONE PASSWORD to log-in to everything!
    Remembering multiple usernames and passwords can be a hassle. The new dashboard is SSO enabled, which means you only need to remember ONE PASSWORD to log-in to multiple applications.

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